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American Psycho meets Jason Bourne in a David Lynch Dreamscape with Tarantino directing on an Indie-Film budget.....

The Guy is a 'Freelance' assassin for a UK network of affiliated gangs.
On the side, he is the frontman in a function covers band.


He is an alcoholic yet a control fitness Freak who uniquely utilises NLP to reduce the emotional stress of the assassinations he carries out.

This book follows a bloody and gruesome adventure The Guy finds himself sucked into, as you read you will feel as if you deep under his skin.

Darkly comical, and in places as bonkers as David Lynch on Acid.

Perhaps a 'Transgressive' classic of our times but then again The Guy would not care and would feel utter contempt for such adoration but his dark ego-maniac, alter-ego would lap that up!

The Guy twists and turns in a most turbulent way and through all the darkness and violence the most destructive force he faces is his addiction, not to drink and drugs but to Her.....

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