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Hey, I am a seasoned 5-Star Top-Line- Singer- Songwriter with a 4 octave range!! ...
I have written and recorded for many commercial releases GLOBALLY...
On EDM- Rock Records.... and I specialise in fusing EDM with Rocking Vocals .... Think Swedish House Mafia and alike...
I also specialise in Classic SYNTHWAVE 
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The lyrics and music I create are pretty much written in a haphazard way, the discipline of chaos. Like literary writers who utilise automatic writing.


The sculpting of words and melody is very instinctual, like a channelling from something beyond me.


For me, a song is a landscape, in all its varying colours, the landscape of human pain but always an open sky, even if there is a wait for the clouds to part.


People ask do the words come first or the melodies?

 I guess I can only answer that as an entwining of melody and lyrics with no particular linear processing.


It’s like the Top-Line forms itself, and you the song-writer sculpt the evolution.

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