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Updated: Aug 23, 2022


newly written and recorded Single, which I can only describe as Dark Hip Hop fused with soulful rock? Is inspired by fundamentally my own internal observations and feelings towards the trajectory of society and the world. But also a deep resonance with Russel Brand's wonderful Podcasts and platform. His countless videos inspired me to create this track.

The example Russel video I posted here, encapsulates a lot of the message I try to convey within my new song. There are many, many videos he has prolifically produced that align with the message of my song. This one in particular deals with Klaus Schwab and his WEF and its unnerving byline " You will own nothing and you will be happy", the first time I saw this I thought it was a cynical joke!! ... turns out these cats mean every word!

As a society, I had this vision, definitely cinematic, that the "Super Elites" were metaphorically tightening a Global trap-snare around us mere minions, and collectively we are like "The rabbit in a snare ". This elite constructed snare trap is comprised of many complex and far-reaching tools and mechanisms to tighten said snare: Economic Control and manipulation, the utilisation of natural disasters and world events; Covid, Climate change, War, race and gender societal disharmony, all-powerful vehicles and reinforced and controlled with a restriction of freedom of speech, garnering immense power and control.

WOKE fanaticism- yet another vehicle to restrict freedom of expression and speech, and also a brilliant way to instigate division within society as a whole, to cause instability and societal disharmony, the reinforcing of the more extreme left and the more extreme right. A civil war in effect "Left vs Right" ... Is the agenda to "Divide and Conquer" then inevitably to "Divide and Rule"?

This seemingly dark agenda infiltrates society right down to a "Micro" level. From "Virtue signalling" with a keenness for a mask, electrical vehicle ownership (Don't worry you won't own it soon! Smile!!), a conveying that TRUMP is the devil as are his supporters, Ukrainian flags on Twitter feeds, all help create this Matrix of subservient compliance supporting the dare I say it NEW WORLD ORDER!

Yes, Putin is a naughty boy, sinister darkness surrounds that fella, but I get the feeling it's seen as the "Done, current thing" to hate Russia, and the darker undertones of this is to hate the "Citizens" of Russia too... Surely that's not right!? Again DIVIDE and CONQUER!!!

Russel is definitely a light source within the darkness of this ever-changing World. Again As I created "Rabbit in a Snare" I felt inspiration and resonance with Russel and his wonderful work. A camaraderie even on a cyber level! One section "We'll prize it open (the Snare) if we fight as one, search for the power inside" definitely aligns with Russel's message. A unity to release us from this tightening snare. Also "...Shine a light and Tyranny cannot hide", I thank Russel with love and peace from my heart for being that a massive part of that "Light" where "Tyranny" truly can not hide! Peace and Love Alex


CHECK OUT RUSSELL'S site: Russell Brand | Official Website

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